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The mission of SCW is to create a better working and living environment for people and provide effective solutions in the mess of sounds and noise.

SCW focuses on our clients’ welfare, comfort and safety. We are professional, reliable, flexible and discrete. We save our clients from bothersome activities, including time, nerves and money.

We make our client’s life easier and more comfortable and improve the welfare proceeding from the environment. The client can totally rely on us – we work fast and efficiently and the result is of high quality and reliable.

We offer all-in-one sound control service (expert assessment, materials, execution, elaboration) to make the client’s life comfortable and easy. The complete solution takes into account every client’s unique requirements. We are competent to assess any kind of solution the client needs (depends on the location of the noise, rooms and many tiny but important details), high-quality materials and professional workmen who know exactly what and how has to be done to solve the client’s problem.


Customers can feel safe with us and trust us because we have the knowledge and skills to help them and provide solutions that actually work. At the heart of all our activities is solving the customers´ concern, increasing their comfort and well-being, creating a better living and working environment for them. Customers can be confident that the solutions offered are definitely the best and most effective.

We take the time to discuss everything with the customer and explain why we suggest particular solution. We are flexible and allow work to be performed in stages, depending on how the customer is willing to order the work. We also try to use environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible.


For us the safety, comfort and well-being of our employees are also important. We employ people with an employment contract, provide the necessary quality tools, and care about the health and wellbeing of our employees.

It is important for us that our partners go well and that we can offer the best solutions for the client when working together as a team. We work with various audio experts and high quality materials companies and construction shops.

How do we work?

The sound insulation of a modern apartment enables to solve problems with different noise types. Before purchasing sound insulation materials, it has to be established which kind of noise (impact or air noise) we are dealing with and which parts of the apartment have to be insulated: walls, floors, ceilings or all together. At this point a specialist can identify the type of noise, were it mainly comes from and which materials are the best materials to manage the noise in a certain room.

When the client writes us or calls to improve sound insulation or acoustics at home or at the workstation, we will introduce the client different solutions and options and appoint the first consultation during which the specialist comes on site, becomes familiar with the certain room and prepares a precise price tender (according to the needs, whether wall, floor and/or ceiling insulation is required). The first consultation for the client costs 100 EUR, which will be cleared after the final transaction.

When the price tender is accepted by the client, the workman will come with the agreed solution within a month at the latest and carries out the work project, which includes all materials and elaboration.

It is important to us to include the client in every activity phase, take into account his option and wishes in order to provide the client a satisfactory result. Cooperation with us saves the client time and nerves. We guarantee that nothing has to be improved or re-done later.


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Sometimes it is not necessary to move mountains. It is enough when we move the sound.

Describe your problem to us and together we will find the best solutions for you. Send us your contact data and we will contact you within 24 hours!


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