Noise at home

After a strenuous day and busy communication we can enjoy the peace and quiet at home. Moments of silence are extremely important for the person’s mental and physical welfare.

Unfortunately many people cannot experience such peace and tranquillity at home because their apartment or house is badly built and every single sound can be heard and the person is devoid of any kind of privacy at his own home.

Noise may have a physiological or psychological impact and disturb the main activities like sleeping, resting, learning and communicating. Although the impact of noise on the human being’s health has been well-known for a long time already, the recent surveys have shown that the noise level that disturbs us is even lower that it was thought to be. According to bionomics the noise level during sleeping must not exceed the noise level of 45 dB. The noise level while working must not exceed 55 dB. People within the range of 30⎯40% find that already the noise level of 55⎯60 dB is very disturbing.

From the aspect of living environment planning it is felonious to allow to build residential houses by the main street of the city or in other words – make people live in the environment harmful to one’s health. According to Wikipedia the recommended limit of the noise level in residential areas is 55 dB during the daytime and 50 dB at night. In Tallinn these areas comprise mainly main streets and the railway, tram traffic and industry affect people less. The majority of complaints about noise are received from Tallinn and Harju County (64%), Viru County (16%), Tartu (12%) and Pärnu (7%) (For further information look here). A survey carried out by Ramboll Eesti in 2007 shows that 30% of the population of Tallinn (up to 133 500 people) live in an area where the noise level is higher than the recommended limit. The people of Tallinn are most disturbed by the noise coming from traffic.

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Generally people perceive problems related to the sound as noise problems, which make the living and working environment uncomfortable, cause stress and tension, hinder relaxation and resting. Negative stress may cause health problems, make it difficult to focus on work and be productive.

Certain sound problems at home may include as follows:

  • Noisy neighbours (in the next apartment, the floor below and above or in the yard of the neighbouring house).
  • A family member wants to play drums or practice a musical instrument, but it disturbs others as any sound is easily audible.
  • One wants to watch TV in the bedroom or the living room late at night but it can be heard in the children’s room and disturbs their night’s sleep.
  • Noise from outside – you live in a street with busy traffic or near a building that makes a loud noise.
  • You want to build a home studio or home cinema, but you are afraid that it would cost a lot and requires a lot of fee space. Maybe you have heard stories how people once elaborated their home studios with egg boxes and converted the room into a tiny cell. Today’s innovative solutions do not require too many valuable square metres and are also aesthetically beautiful and remain unnoticeable.

SCW has solutions to your noise-related problems!

The main problem at home is usually caused by sound moving through wall and ceiling constructions. So the main work at home includes the improvement of the sound insulation of walls and ceilings. For that purpose the combination of sandwich-type fibre-plaster board and staple fibre boards are used to improve the sound proofness of the existing construction up to 13 dB. The most effective solution according to the ratio of thickness and the result is achieved by additional insulation of ceilings and walls. It has proved to be effective against the main types of everyday noise like human speech, crying, dogs barking, medium volume of TV and radio and the impact noise. Usage frequency starts at 100 Hz.  Each sandwich-type panel consist of eight sound-proof fixings by which the system is attached to the wall or ceiling. The assembled system is 55 mm thick.

Sometimes it is not necessary to move mountains. It is enough if we move the sound.

No need to suffer – no one has to move or give up playing drums – you only need professional solutions on the wall, ceiling and floor and all your worries related to noise or acoustics will be solved. SCW takes control over any disturbing sound. We know what to do and our solutions are effective.

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